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Getting ready for the Trash Stash launch

I've been working in my hobby room for weeks getting the Trash Stash ready for launch. First there was the design, testing and refinement. It's always the little things you don't expect that can mess up a good product idea. So I tried to take the time to really refine dozens of little changes to make the Trash Stash a product you'll enjoy using.

Then came the production phase. This is the first time I've really had my 3d printer running more than 12 hours every day. It soon became clear I wasn't going to be able to produce enough, so I've invested in a second 3d printer to double my printing capacity. I guess we'll see how much demand there is for the Trash Stash. I'll pick up another printer if necessary. Even with two printers running, it's taken a few weeks to get the first batches ready for our official launch on the 1st October.

There's been so much interest and excitement about this product. I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement and support you've shown.

What colour will you choose?

The troops ready for deployment.


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