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Can I buy your products in stores?

Right now, I only sell what I can produce in my home.  This means I'm not going for mass production and wide distribution.  A few stores here in New Zealand have expressed intrest in my products and I'm exploring supplying them.  If you think your favorite tackle shop should know about my products, please have them get in touch with me.  I'm eager to expand but only through referals and word of mouth.

What's the warranty on your products?

All my products have a 1 year replacement warranty .  If you should experience a product failure, please take a picture and the time to explain it to me.  I'll use that information to improve the products and in the meantime send a replacement unit to you.  In New Zealand I'm happy to do this free of charge, but overseas we will need to discuss shipping payment.  For our overseas customers, please understand that shipping from New Zealand internationally is quite expensive.

What is your return policy?

If receive the product and decide it is not to your liking withing 30 days of purchase, return an unused product for a full refund.

If for some reason you should receive a damaged unit, I will send you a replacement unit free of charge within New Zealand. 

Do you ship internationally?

Shipping internationally from New Zealand is unfortunately quite expensive.  However, there has been quite a lot of interest from the USA despite the shipping cost.

Please contact me if you want a custom rate for shipping from another international location. 

Information about our products can be found on the product pages.


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