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Fishing tools created by an avid fly fisherman

Yamashita Innovations is about solving those little problems

I strive to find ways to solve those little problems that spoil your fly fishing adventures.  In my webshop here at TrashStash.Shop you'll find the products I have on offer.

Unlike large manufacturers, I produce these products out of my own home in small batches.  If you find we're out of stock please just sign up to the restock notification to be updated when I replenish it.

Available Now

Introducing the Fish Bite rod holder.

You know when you need an extra hand to hold your rod while you change out your flies or tippet?  Well, here's a little fishy friend to help you out.  It's available in our shop now.

How strong is the little fella?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  Here's a video of me testing how much the Fish Bite holds on to your precious rod.

Meet the Trash Stash

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