Tippet Whip

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Remove the frustration of getting your leader and tippet set just right to catch those tricky fish.


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the lines on my Tippet Whip?

Unlike mass produced injection molded products, the Trash Stash is produced one at a time on my 3d printer.  3d printers work by laying down a thin layer of plastic one layer at a time to build up the whole model.  While time consuming, it makes products like the Tippet Whip affordable in small quantity production.

Is there any special care for the Tippet Whip?

3d printing isn't quite as strong or durable as other construction methods.  But I've tried to make sure to account for this in the design of the Tippet Whip.  The PLA filament used can flex just as much as other plastics in this design.

One area of caution is to make sure you store them under 50⁰C/120⁰F.  The type of plastic used on the Tippet Whip may deform above that temperature.

Mine look a little different to what's on the site.

That's right.  I'm continually trying to feed in small enhancements as I produce and sell products like the Tippet Whip.  I love seeing improvements that make things better.  While I wish I could offer free upgrades to all that have previously purchased earlier versions of the Tippet Whip, this just isn't really financially practical for me.  If some new feature is something you're really wanting, contact me and I can probably offer you the new unit at a discount

I have an idea to make the Tippet Whip even better

I'd love to hear from you about your ideas.  But please do keep in mind that I've got to balance the production costs of the Tippet Whip with the viability of selling my products.


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