Tippet Whip

Tippet Whip

Let's face it, we've all been there before.  You can see that trophy fish but it's just not responding to anything you put in front of him.  You don't want to spook him with that 3x you've been running all day.  Time to down size and re-tie your set-up.


This is when each of your tippet ends will be impossible to find.  That 5x or 6x is taking forever to find as you watch that fish, knowing he'll move off at any moment and you'll miss your chance.


Time to tame your tippet!  Tippet Whip have been designed to keep the end of your tippet exactly where you left it.  And as a bonus, it's angled up away from the spool ready for you to grab that next length at any time.  Each unit is clearly labeled and colour coded making identification easy.


Now, hold the Tippet Whip and pull out just the right amount of line.  Feel the smoothness of the line strip off as the spool rotates.  Each unit only has three contact points with the spool.  Designed for optimum balance between resistance and free spool.


    Tippet whips are exactly what you need to tame that tippet.  They keep your line tightly wrapped on the spool, but also hold the end in exactly the right spot.  Tippet is ready to strip off anytime you need it without the fuss of searching for the end.

    Tippet Whips come in a complete set from 0x to 6x sizes clearly marked and colour coded.  Tippet Whips are designed to accomodate most common tippet spools ranging from 50mm - 65mm in diameter.

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